Dentist for Children

Do you have a child? You may be wondering whether you need the services of a dentist for children or just any dentist. We at Daphne Pediatric Dentistry are specialists in dental care for children. Our services are available to the residents of Robertsdale, FL and the surrounding areas including Fairhope, Spanish Fort, Foley and Bay Minette. 

We have worked with children of varying ages and we can tell you that children’s needs are different from those of adults. Our practice is dedicated to meeting the unique oral health care needs of children. Our staff is trained in handling children. We work hard to ensure that children have a positive experience when they visit our practice. We know that their experiences in these early years will determine their attitude toward dentistry for the rest of their lives. We work hard to ensure that our young patients are not only comfortable but also have a positive experience that leaves them looking forward to their next appointment. 

We believe parents play a key role in ensuring the good oral health of their children. We believe that we are only a support system to parents who care. We strive to educate parents about oral hygiene. We will provide you with comprehensive information on preventative care, treatments and hygiene for your child. This will allow you to take charge and ensure your child’s oral health.

Your child will receive the best dental care in an environment that is both comfortable and fun. We work hard to provide families with a space in which they feel safe. 

If you’re still in doubt about whether you need a dentist for children or not, get in touch with us today. Our representatives will be happy to discuss your needs and help you determine the services that will best suit you. We’d be happy to service you.